What’s in your sourdough starter?

  • 2 December 2016
  • Simon Poffley

Well we know the starter that we use to make bread rise contains a wide selection of wild yeasts and bacteria, but we have always wondered how much one starter differs from another. Is it to do with the flour we use?  The environment we make it and keep it in? And how does the make-up of the starter change over time?  Now the Rob Dunn Lab of North Carolina University is doing research into different sourdough bread starters. It is possible to contribute to the research by signing up and perhaps even contributing some starter. If you don’t have a starter or have never made one then it is something quite wonderful, it is like the creation of life itself and the first step to creating your own real bread. We make sourdough starters as part of our Sourdough Basic course which is running again in January and February.


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