Festive Baking Revival 2021

  • 7 December 2021
  • Simon Poffley

As the festive season begins after another tough year we have put together an advent calendar of cakes, breads and biscuits!

Discover a new one each day as we travel (in spirit) across the continent. We’ll be sharing some of those recipes, along with pictures and videos for a virtual bake-along, bake, tag, post, share, and give to your loved ones! We have a PDF booklet available for a donation of £5 from our website and all proceeds will be split between two charities which run baking projects which involve refugees in improving their lives in the UK and abroad.

The recipes are aimed at beginners as well as experienced bakers so if you are using yeast or sourdough there is something for every level as well as the step ahead in your baking journey!

Stay tuned for many bakes!

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