Welcome to the Fermentarium

The Fermentarium is a base for experiments in fermentation, located at the Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow. We want to encourage all forms of fermentation in order to reclaim our food.

“We must reclaim our food. Food is much more than simply nourishment. It embodies a complex web of relationships. It is a huge part of the context in which we exist. Reclaiming our food means actively involving ourselves in this web.

The foods that fill our contemporary supermarket shelves are products of a globalized infrastructure of proprietary genetic material, synthetic and often dangerous chemicals, monocultures, long-distance transportation, factory-scale processing, wasteful packaging, and energy-sucking refrigeration. The food being produced by this system is destroying the earth, destroying our health, destroying economic vitality, and robbing us of our dignity by breeding dependency and reducing us to the subservient role of consumer.”

A Cultural Revivalist Manifesto – Sandor Elliz Katz (The Art of Fermentation – 2012)